Welcome to the Cactus Land

What's In a Cactus?

Cactus are alien beings from outer space to spread the queer agenda. This means you will become a cactus soon. We will sell Trans as Hell Cactuses. But mostly, this was made for fun as HTML/CSS practice :)

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Update [9 Sep 2022] The website is at a usable state. I will need to change the header with original graphics soon. May the Parasite in Chief Idiot Hat suffer in Hell!

Update [14 Sep 2022] Header has been changed~ Gotta think of stuff to put for the games page and maybe move the weird DE shrine to a personal site instead.

Update [7 Mar 2023] I think subsequent updates wont be put here anymore, but I'll still put games onto the games page. Should probably do it more often but it's hard to write for 10+ people lol. Not that they really care about neocities but I dooooo